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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

#MaxYourHolidayLook with Max Fashion

Hi guys! 
What's up? 
So finally a new blog post is up! 
I have been a little caught up with my masters course in gems and jewelry lately. I am learning something new everyday about gems and jewelry and I have decided to share a part of it on my Instagram stories regularly. So if you are not following me on Instagram yet, do follow me there. (Instagram- @theclicchic)

Coming to today's blog post, I have created two holiday looks here.
As the winter sets off, the season of travel sets in.

I sometimes wish that the world could work a little differently. I wish if humans could migrate like birds do every year. They would migrate to different places, different cities, different countries and different continents. They would migrate to explore and not to escape country politics and terrors. 

Imagine waking up to new cultures and lifestyle. Wouldn't it be so exciting?

Anyway let my philosophy take a back seat now and let's talk about something which is just as exciting! 

YES! Max fashion has come up with its Spring/Summer 2018 Holiday/Travel collection, which is OH-SO-TRAVEL!!

The second best thing about travelling is that we get to see places and the first thing obviously is that we get to dress up! 

And this Max Fashion collection is going to set your mood to TRAVEL!!

As I said earlier, I styled two looks from the MAX collection

Look 1:
The first one is a warm colored shorts with black mesh top and a tan sling. 
The color of the shorts is everything here. 
This outfit is so BEACHY! Whether you are heading to a stunning sandy beach on a distant island or for a mini weekend staycation at the local sun.

 Look 2:
The second outfit is surely for all the comfort lovers, who love to keep it fuss free. A white cutout top with striped black pants and boots. I added a silver necklace, because when talking travel, Boho is just my thing!! 

Have a look at more pictures from both the looks below. 
Outfit Details: 
Look 1
Printed Shorts, Black Mesh Top & Tan Sling: Max Fashion

Look 2
White Cutout Top & Striped Pants: Max Fashion

Shot by Jyotika Baijal (Connect here)
Blog Content by Shohrat Jahan (Connect here)
Styled and edited by yours truly!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. 
So now it's time for you to #MaxYourHolidayLook with Max Fashion's Spring/Summer 2018 Travel Collection! 
Visit their website here-

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Haagen Dazs- Make Everyday Extraordinary

Hey guys! Whatsup? Hope you all are doing really well. 

So I got a chance to visit Haagen Dazs recently and taste few desserts from their new menu. And guess what?? Haagen Dazs is offering a flat 10% OFF on order of ₹1000 & above at their Paddapukur outlet (58/1, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata-700025).

Haagen Dazs has been my favourite ever since they opened their first outlet in Kolkata. Born with a vision to change the world of ice-creams, what sets Haagen Dazs apart is that they use only real milk and finest ingredients. They don't pump their ice cream with air to create the illusion of more. With Haagen Daz, you always know you are getting rich quality, full of #realflavours. 

Before proceeding further let me share few interesting facts about Haagen Dazs ice cream that you need to know right away: 

1. Haagen Dazs started with only 3 flavours

Reuben Mattus, the founder of Haagen Dazs believed in quality over quantity and started Haagen Dazs in 1960 with 3 simple flavours- Vanilla, Chocolate & Coffee. 

2. Haagen Dazs was first sold out of a horsedrawn carriage

Forget ice cream trucks, Reuben Mattus first began selling ice cream pops and fruit ice from a horse-drawn wagon in the Bronx. 

3.It took 6 years to find the perfect strawberries.
Yes that's right. It took Mattus 6 years to find the finest and perfect sweet strawberries for his ice-cream. He finally launched the strawberry flavour in 1966 and the flavour is still a fan favourite.

4. Introduced bars on Valentines Day

On Valentine’s Day, Haagen-Dazs introduced chocolate bars on 14th February, 1986- a whole new line dedicated to love.

5. Donated to sustain the existence of honey bees.
You might not think that an ice cream company has much to do with honey bees, but this is absolutely not the case. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating up to one-third of the food people eat, including the fruit Haagen-Dazs uses in their ice cream. When the honey bees were decreasing at an alarming rate; Haagen Dazs came forward and donated to sustain their existence. Till date, they donated more than $1,000,000 to keep them buzzing, and to keep their ice cream as sweet as it’s always been.

So now let's proceed towards the newly added desserts to Haagen Dazs menu.

Dark Chocolate Bomb
The first one I tasted was the Dark Chocolate Bomb which comes with rich warm chocolate sauce that when poured over the handcrafted chocolate bomb, explodes it and reveals 8 scoops of icecream, studded brownie pieces & a bed of fresh whipped cream.
Worth Rs.645
I chose 2 scoops each of Belgian Chocolate, Mango Raspberry, Strawberry & Vanilla ice-cream. You can also opt for 8 different flavours of your choice.
It was love at first taste. Haha. I absolutely love the flavour of chocolate and different flavours of ice cream. I personally don't like too much of chocolate sauce when mixed with ice cream so make sure you taste the flavour first after the bomb explodes and then add more of chocolate as per your taste buds. 

Chocolate Brownie Explosion
The second dessert I had was Chocolate Brownie Explosion. This dish is a trio of Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate & Vanilla Caramel Brownie ice cream served on several layers of whipped cream & brownie topped with chocolate sauce. 
Worth Rs.645

Seventh Heaven
Seventh Heaven is a collection of 7 HaagenDazs ice cream flavors of your choice, served with kiwi, peach and strawberry fruits, sauces and a cone at the centre. This one is from their special menu for Christmas. 
Worth Rs.945
Shot by Jyotika Baijal 

Haagen Dazs icecreams are an utter delight to both eyes and taste buds. The staffs are fantastic and really helpful. With a good menu of ice cream, desserts and beverages available, I would definitely recommend Haagen Dazs to everyone. The quality of the ice cream, full of real flavours, is definitely worth the price. 

If you haven't visited Haagen Dazs yet, go visit your nearest outlet soon. If you stay in Kolkata, visit their Paddapukur outlet and get a flat 10% off on a bill of Rs.1000 or more.

Pocket Pinch: Rs.800 (approx) for two people
Address: 58/1, Sarat Bose Road, Maanheruka Group, Kolkata-700025
Locate Address on google map here
Contact No.: 91-98310 22003 / 033-4600 1834
Days & Timing: All Days. 3pm - 1am

Thanks for reading this post.
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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Staycation At Swissotel Kolkata

Hello people! Hope your day is going great! 
Well if you are following me on Instagram you must be knowing about my mini staycation at Swissotel. Its been a month already and I've been so excited about sharing my experience with you all. I love love travelling and exploring new places. Who doesn't?
Well when I was just about to start with my travel blog too, I got an opportunity for a staycation at Swissotel Kolkata. And I thought what's better to start it from your own city. That is how the property became my home not too far from my home in Kolkata itself for 2 days.

I was accompanied by my friend Jyotika and contrary to what it sounds, it was not All Play. We went there for a shoot which was scheduled to be conducted at different areas of the property. We started off early in the morning. It took me around 45 mins to reach the hotel from my
place. Also, it is the nearest five star hotel to the Kolkata airport which makes it convenient after your flight.

After reaching the property, we completed the check-in formalities at the reception just like other visitors. It took hardly 15 minutes and I was impressed by the smooth, quick and efficient check-in. After checking in to our Executive room withattached jacuzzi, we were welcomed with breakfast at Cafe Swiss. The all-day dining concept, international cuisine and live-action cooking station is something to look out for at Cafe Swiss! After the breakfast, we went back to our room and after chilling in the room for sometime we lazed around in the jacuzzi inside the room. It was such a relaxing moment and a perfect place to de-stress. After getting out from jacuzzi all fresh and charged up, we decided to head out to explore the beautiful property.
Wearing: Top & Shorts- Forever 21, Socks- Dynamocks
Executive Room with attached Jacuzzi
Wearing: Monokini- La Lingerie
The hotel is quite big having 147 rooms and what immediately caught my eye was the unique, hand-picked wall art canvases from renowned artists and local artisans, all around the hotel and in every room. I have always had a thing for artistic walls and I did fall in love with what I saw. Swissotel caters both business & leisure travellers. The rooms held a business & sophisticated modern style with a large desk in every room. The high-speed internet and 2 exclusive meeting rooms solves all your business needs. The property also has a ballroom banquet that can accommodate 1000 guests and an open banquet area near Cafe Swiss that can accommodate around 50-100 guests. So next time you are planning an event or a get-together, you know where to go!
The 'Wall of Fame' which has the pictures of celebs who visited and stayed in Swissotel.
The wall art I earlier mentioned about. This one has a blend of Kolkata in it and features Kolkata Trams + Birla Planetarium.
Another huge wall art installation. This one is of Maa Durga keeping in mind the very famous festival of Bengal 'Durga Puja'.
Cafe Swiss
Wearing: Maxi- Shop Sassie, Shades: Shein
Wearing: Wrap-around Dress- Shop Sassie
After completing few outfit shoots at various parts of the property, we were welcomed for lunch at Durbari. Durbari is a traditional Indian restaurant located on the second floor of the property which is also connected to a mall: City Centre 2 and provides easy access to shops and multiplex cinema. So you can easy go out for shopping or to watch a movie while staying at Swissotel. By evening we were upgraded to the Executive Suitewith Jacuzzi which also had a bath tub and a wider Jacuzzi area and we stayed there for the night and the next day. I had a warm bath in the bath tub and called it a night.

Day 2:
The next morning began with a quick shoot inside the room followed by a scrumptious breakfast at lovely infinitypool the property has in its Purovel Spa & Sport section at the rooftop. The infinity pool area is a place you just cannot miss out if you plan to stay at Swissotel. It was so peaceful and a perfect way to start the day looking at the view around and having some quality me-time. Besides the infinity pool, the Purovel Spa & Sport section also has a fitness centre, private vitality rooms for spa treatment. For spa treatments, they use essential oils and fragrances organically produced in Switzerland. 
Wearing: Night Wear- KoaalaSocks- Dynamocks
The infinity pool, a part of Purovel Spa & Sport section located on the rooftop.

Wearing: Swimsuit: Shein
After completing few more outfits shoots and discovering other parts of the property, we had our lunch at Cafe Swiss. By evening as the sun set and it was a little dark we decided to go offline, keep our cameras and cell phones and unwind in the jacuzzi attached to the Executive suite before leaving the hotel. This one was different from the one in Executive Room as it had an open terrace beside it which offers a little extra luxury! :P
Executive Suite with Jacuzzi

Overall, I was impressed by the amenities and the warm hospitality. I would definitely recommend the property to you all if you travel to Kolkata or even if you stay in Kolkata itself. Travelling and detaching ourselves sometimes from the daily chaos and hectic life is so important and much needed for the soul. You get so much to explore and know about yourself. In real life, I know people who just book a hotel in their own city to relax and detach themselves from their busy life to take a break. Remember, 'Sometimes a break from your routines is the very thing you need.' So go out, explore and give time to yourself! 

To know more about the hotel or simply book a room for yourself click here:

Thanks for reading this post. Stay tuned for more staycation stories! 
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